Servers require service on occasion too.

Provides the basic services to keep the server secure and help identify problems before becoming critical. Our proactive efforts mean that most problems are identified and resolutions are implemented quickly, resulting in minimal business disruption.

Basic Server Support Bundle

Service Description
Patch Management Installation of software updates and patches for OS and mission critical software as needed.
Anti-Virus Management Administration of anti-virus software, updates and patches.
Backup Monitoring Ensure backups complete successfully.
Event Log Monitoring and Service Monitoring Periodic monitoring of events and services for errors.
User and Workstation Account Setup Add new user and workstation accounts on local domain.
Server Administration and Optimization Configuration of the server as needed to ensure peak performance, proactively correct errors.
Remote Support Use of remote connection for fast delivery of services and maintenance.

Add-on Server Support Services

Management of Public, Private or Hybrid cloud environments in any configuration over multiple data centers and locations
Enterprise-class Monitoring, Software and Networking Administration Tools (RMM)
Domain registrar and DNS administration
Load balancing and farm/cluster management
Continuous monitoring for database, operating system, and hardware issues
Capacity analysis and forecasting
Management of mobile applications, corporate sites, rich media sites including test and development sites
Microsoft & Linux Servers, VMware & Hyper-V virtual environments, Enterprise solutions
Mission Critical Application Management  (i.e. PeopleSoft, SalesForce, Oracle, Citrix, Siebel, Hyperion, Quickbooks)
Off-site Backup and Recovery
Data storage, warehouse and management
Security Services
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