Carelogic Support

As far as EHR cloud-based solutions go, CareLogic by Qualifacts is second to none.  AxioTek can assist you in getting the most out of your CareLogic implementation.

CareLogic has a breadth of capability from billing to scheduling, to mobile features.  Unless you have an expert in-house, you’ll need to get your staff up to speed quickly. That’s where we can help.  Whether you are thinking of a new CareLogic implementation or simply need assistance in setting up billing, AxioTek is at your service.

  • Implementation: From the initial kickoff meeting through a fully reportable database, we’ve got your back when it comes to avoiding pitfalls and ensuring data integrity.

  • Training: Either one-on-one or in large groups, we’ve developed the workflow guidelines for many different program types.  Knowing your audience is critical in putting people first.  We’ve got the communication skills and patience to simplify the learning experience.

  • System Administration: In the fast-changing regulatory landscape, the need to keep your CareLogic implementation configured does not end with the launch of a program. Allow us to manage your system and take the worry out of maintenance, updates, reporting and new program configurations.

  • Reporting: Your staff needs the right information at the right time to do their jobs effectively.  Reporting is the foundation of any information system.  After all, getting the information out is as important as the data entry itself.  Let AxioTek use our skills and experienced at analysis and synthesis to build value with your data.