If you need it, we’ve got custom skills.

Technical solutions make your head spin? Choosing the best solution for your organization – one that is cost-effective and suits your needs long-term – can be daunting.

Let AxioTek’s experienced team help you implement the best tech possible. AxioTek’s team takes the time to collect relevant data, evaluate solutions based on creative analytical models, and recommend options to fit your existing organizational culture.

And if no turn-key options exist, we’ll design one for you.  Our developers are skilled in the latest open-source and low-cost technologies to get the best return on your dollar.  

Visual Basic, PHP, Python, HTML and more

Whether you need a cloud solution or one that runs locally, we’ve got the skills to integrate existing mission critical apps to leverage more productivity, or design and deploy a full-service product.

Wordpress, Drupal, MS Access and more

In need of a dynamic platform to host your website?  Or perhaps you just need a part-time Drupal or WordPress administrator for a quick migration and upgrade?  We can help – no job is too small.

MySQL, T_SQL, MS Jet Engine and more

We speak SQL – as Admins, Report-writers, or Analysts.  We can assist you in accessing your data in and tapping the hidden value within.