Gateways, switches, firewalls and more.

Provides the basic services to keep the network appliances (routers/switches/firewalls) secure and help identify problems before becoming critical. Our proactive efforts mean a reduction in system outages. Resolutions are implemented quickly, resulting in minimal business disruption.

Basic Network Support Bundle

Service Description
Monitoring and Management Periodic monitoring of events and services for errors.
Software Updates & Security Patch Management Installation of system updates.
Remote Support Use of remote connection for fast delivery of services and maintenance.
Consumer/Residential Class Routers and Switches Support for non-business class, vendor supported hardware.

Add-on Network Support Services

Business Class Firewalls
Business Class Routers
Business Class Switches
Networked Copiers, Printers and Scanners on LAN
Wireless Access Point Management
Load balancing and farm/cluster management
Content Filtering anti-malware protection
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