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AxioTek’s custom software solutions have automated and enhanced business processes many industries including financial services, shipping and logistics, non-profit human services, and library information systems.

Let our developers and engineers design a custom, data-driven solution for your organization. Our targeted software solutions result in reduced workload, increased productivity and more timely decision making.


We leverage a variety of database platforms including MySQL, Microsoft SQL, and Microsoft Access – either hosted by you or securely at our own data center – to craft an automated solution that best fits your budget and need for future scalability.

Please see our latest offering for the HMIS industry – HMIS De-duping and Reporting (HDR) – available in both desktop and hosted platforms.

HMIS De-duping and Reporting (HDR) is a powerful suite of utilities for managing CSV data dumps from HMIS software. The solution to managing those numerous HUD CSV file sets is here! HDR is a one-of-a-kind toolkit and the only one you’ll need. HDR supports all HUD data standards.

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Please see the HUD Exchange for more information about HUD data standards.

Conversion Tools, or C-Tools for short, is a set of web-based tools for converting data between formats CSV/XLS and XML as well as tools for removing and/or remapping data elements within an existing format and/or during a conversion.

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