Intuitive design – it’s more than just a gut feeling.

We firmly believe that technology needs to support the individual and that people know what works for them.

Our mission is to deliver and support the technology that measurably results in improved outcomes for our clients and the people they serve.  

Our intuition tells us we’re on to something. 


Tired of technical complexity?

Reduce tasks to their essence.

Simplicity of design reduces training time and improves the staff experience. Ditch the technical complexity whenever possible.

Embedded Reason

Ever understood something at first sight?

Tapping common understanding.

We make use of our common experiences to improve adoption of technology in the workplace.  No one lives in a vacuum.

Nuance and Detail.

Can power and simplicity co-exist?

It's all in the expression.

When computers fail to understand our human non-verbal queues, we can rest assured – they work for us.