We believe in working smarter, not longer.

Let’s never lose sight of those we serve. We know efficiency can be a loaded term for social service non-profits, but it’s all about people in the end. Improving efficiency across your organization allows you to serve more people more effectively, fulfilling your mission faster and better.

As a partner to many non-profits, AxioTek is gratified to continue to serve individuals in need through our support of people and their relationships to technology.


Is your technology properly supporting your staff?

Technical challenges can plague efficiency.

Our systematic reviews help you gain new perspective on hidden value in your technology.

Service Delivery

How can your clients benefit from improved service delivery?

Enhancing service delivery.

Our mission is to help you provide better and more effective services to your clients.

Human Resources

Do your employees struggle with their workloads?

Humans are our most valuable asset.

We never lose sight that employees need to feel supported with technology, processes and an inviting work environment.