Virtual Private Servers and More:
At our data center in metro-Boston our array of services is limited only by your imagination. Looking for additional processing power, off-site storage, or a VPS? Contact us today. Our engineers will work with you to design targeted services that allow you to achieve your organization’s goals. Besides, our prices are unbeatable!

Rapid Application Development:
Placing your software solution in the cloud on a secured server is easier than ever today, and AxioTek has the technical and human resources to actualize your project quickly and on budget. Our team specializes in porting existing, customized desktop applications to the web, making them more accessible and functional.

Website Design and Hosting:
Our team can design your website from the ground up, or more rapidly leverage WordPress to jumpstart an organization’s website.  We specialize in customizing WordPress themes.  Let us create a powerful and responsive web presence for your organization today, and we’ll throw in the hosting for free!