HMIS De-duping and Reporting (HDR) is a powerful suite of utilities for managing data dumps from HMIS software, otherwise known as HUD CSV files. Please see the HUD Exchange for more information about HUD data standards.

Continuums of Care (CoCs) often find themselves struggling to manage, de-dupe and report on the electronic file sets received from organizations within the continuum. HMIS data warehouses managed by various vendors provide only partial solutions.  In addition, not every organization in the continuum uses the same HMIS software. But, HMIS vendors all support HUD CSV exports for data sharing. The solution to managing those numerous and confusing HUD CSV file sets is here!  HDR is a one-of-a-kind toolkit and the only one you’ll need. Contact us for a demo.

HDR is not meant to replace your data warehouse. HDR is a software toolkit that allows streamlined manipulation of HUD CSV file sets: HDR assists in combining file sets, de-duping and merging client records, producing draft reports, and general cleanup and preparation of your data for entry into your data warehouse. Check out the details and screen shots below. Works on both the 2014 HUD CSV 4.x standard as well as older 3.x standards!

HDR Main Menu

  • Simple, easy to use main menu!
  • Access to all functionality on one screen!
  • HDR Projects (sets of HUD CSV files) can be created, browsed and reported!
  • All events are logged for easy roll-back of unwanted actions!
  • Export a combined, duplicate-free HUD CSV for upload to your data warehouse!

  • Easily combine multiple HUD CSV file sets!
  • Supports both the HUD 4.x and 3.x standards!
  • Find duplicate clients across file sets, merge records!
  • Clean and prepare your data for specific reports like AHAR and NOFA!
Import HUD CSV Files

View Projects
  • Powerful interface lets you browse records of all types!
  • Apply specialty queries for analysis before reporting!
  • Select the master client record within a matched group!
  • Quickly export to your spreadsheet application!

  • Numerous built-in reports available!
  • Custom reports easily added!
  • Available in both desktop and hosted versions!
  • Makes determining the number of Chronically Homeless a snap!
Numerous Reports Available